Sixth Grade

Science Companion

 I Wonder: notice, ask questions, state problems

  I Think: consider, gather information, predict

  I Try: experiment, model, test ideas, repeat

  I Observe: watch, examine, measure

  I Record: record data, organize, describe, classify,  graph, draw

  I Discover: look for patterns, reflect, interpret, conclude, communicate

Science Companion units are designed so that teaching science for 2 - 45 minute classes each week will allow you to easily complete the necessary units in one year. A team of Central Bucks teachers have designed a suggested schedule for Sixth Grade Science. This is just a suggestion, but may prove useful for teachers new to Science Companion. Click here to see the suggested schedule.

  Earth's Changing Surface (including Plate Tectonics)

From building river models that explore erosion and deposition to touring the school grounds looking for evidence of the earth's changing surface, students will use hands-on investigations to discover for themselves the dynamic nature of the earth's surface.

  Human Body in Motion (including Cells)

By modeling how muscles move bones at joints, testing their reflexes, and measuring the effects of exercise on breathing and heart rate, students begin to appreciate the complex interactions and dependencies that exist between body parts and recognize the importance of protecting them by making healthy choices. 

  Central Bucks will continue to teach the Pollution Unit of Sixth Grade and our students will continue to participate in the Clean Stream Program.

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