Science Companion

 I Wonder: notice, ask questions, state problems

  I Think: consider, gather information, predict

  I Try: experiment, model, test ideas, repeat

  I Observe: watch, examine, measure

  I Record: record data, organize, describe, classify,  graph, draw

  I Discover: look for patterns, reflect, interpret, conclude, communicate

   Kindergarten Science Companion for Central Bucks features two in-depth studies. Collections from Nature and My Body (the Teacher Manual contains three others).  Each study is developed through a varied collection of structured and unstructured activities and discussion topics aimed at engaging children in multiple ways and from multiple angles. Many kindergarten teachers are familiar with the technique of using a planning web to develop and expand a particular curricular topic. This method entails putting the topic in the center of the web and spinning out from the center with varied ideas about how to pursue the topic. The planning diagram begins to look "web-like" as strands extend farther and farther and connections are drawn between the various threads of ideas. The studies featured in Kindergarten Science Companion are developed in much the same way.

  Collections from Nature (pages 62 to 84 in the Teacher Activity Manual)

The natural world holds great fascination for young children. Leaves, shells, stones, and twigs, as well as other objects from nature, are treasures that always seem to find their way into the welcoming kindergarten classroom. This study channels and deepens children's natural impulses to explore and collect as they learn how scientists approach the study of objects in nature.

  My Body (this study starts on page 154)

Infants' first discoveries are connected with their own bodies. They reach down and grab their toes, find their hands can grasp objects, and learn that their smiles evoke smiles in others. Children's awareness of their own bodies grows slowly and naturally with their physical and cognitive development. By the time they reach kindergarten, children are eager to learn more about the workings of their own bodies and ready to make use of the focused inquiry that a scientific approach provides.

K-9 Science Unit Overview

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