Fourth Grade

Science Companion

 I Wonder: notice, ask questions, state problems

  I Think: consider, gather information, predict

  I Try: experiment, model, test ideas, repeat

  I Observe: watch, examine, measure

  I Record: record data, organize, describe, classify,  graph, draw

  I Discover: look for patterns, reflect, interpret, conclude, communicate

Science Companion units are designed so that teaching science for 2 - 45 minute classes each week will allow you to easily complete the necessary units in one year. A team of Central Bucks teachers have designed a suggested schedule for Fourth Grade Science. This is just a suggestion, but may prove useful for teachers new to Science Companion. Click here to see the suggested schedule.

  Watery Earth

Whether following a drop of water through the water cycle, measuring their own water usage, or exploring how filters clean dirty water, students are encouraged to use what they learn about water to make choices and take actions in their own life to have a positive impact on water resources.


From exploring the properties of solids, liquids, and gases, to seeing what they can learn about an unknown substance called "Whatzit," students experience firsthand the excitement of scientific discovery and gain an appreciation of the scientific method employed by scientists everywhere.

  Electrical Circuits (Mini-unit)

Whether exploring static charges, figuring out how to get a light bulb to light, or testing the conductivity of everyday objects, students experience firsthand the excitement of scientific discovery.


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