First Grade

Science Companion

 I Wonder: notice, ask questions, state problems

  I Think: consider, gather information, predict

  I Try: experiment, model, test ideas, repeat

  I Observe: watch, examine, measure

  I Record: record data, organize, describe, classify,  graph, draw

  I Discover: look for patterns, reflect, interpret, conclude, communicate

Science Companion units are designed so that teaching science for 2 - 45-minute classes each week will allow you to easily complete the necessary units in one year. A team of Central Bucks teachers have designed a suggested schedule for First Grade Science. This is just a suggestion, but may prove useful for teachers new to Science Companion. Click here to see the suggested schedule.

  Collecting and Examining Life

From collecting animal tracks to dissecting flowers, children deepen their understanding of what makes something alive, and of the similarities and differences among living things.


One day students learn to use a thermometer to record temperature, another day they measure rainfall or investigate the nature of ice. Throughout the year, students use their senses as well as scientific tools to discover that weather is a dynamic and sometimes unpredictable part of nature.

  Solids, Liquids, and Gases (Mini-Unit)

While deciding what makes a solid a solid, watching water disappear from an open cup, or comparing various liquids, children find the value in asking questions and probing the world around them for meaningful answers.


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